RMI Report 2018

The Responsible Mining Foundation publishes a biennial assessment of large, globally-dispersed mining companies’ policies and practices on economic development, business conduct, lifecycle management, community wellbeing, working conditions and environmental responsibility – with gender and human rights issues integrated throughout the report.

Published in six languages, the RMI Report 2018 covers 30 companies including publicly-listed, state-owned and private companies. Together these companies represent around 25 % of the global value of mining production, cover 51 producing and home countries with a collective population of 4,700,000,000 people, and account for 861 operating and 140 closed mine sites, and with known tax jurisdictions in 109 countries.

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Overall Company Results
Detailed rankings and all the indicator-level scores in the six thematic areas
Discover the 30 individual company result pages and discover their scores and contextual information
Mine Sites
Access the individual scores of 127 mine sites selected out of 850+ operating sites covered by RMI
Leading Practices
Practices that are exceptionally responsive to the challenges and opportunities of responsible mining
Document Library
Discover more than 2,000 source documents, which have been used in the RMI 2018 assessment