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Heritage lost to mining: a collective responsibility


Last month’s destruction by Rio Tinto of a 46,000-year-old site in Australia’s Juukan Gorge is part of a wider problem within the industry. The Foundation’s RMI Report 2020 reveals that many mining companies are still not committing not to mine in World Heritage Sites and to respect other protected areas.
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Limited action on key ESG issues by mining companies in Latin America


Mining companies operating in Latin American and the Caribbean are generally failing to match their corporate ESG commitments with basic responsible actions at their mine sites.
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New research on mining companies alerts on their lack of attention to water quality


The RMI Report 2020 results on water reveal that while large-scale mining companies’ operational concerns about their water supply promote more regular reporting of water consumption levels, companies have largely neglected to publicly disclose locally relevant data on water quality.
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New research shows mining industry response to Brumadinho still weak


New research by the Responsible Mining Foundation (RMF) reveals that more than one year after the Brumadinho tailings disaster in Brazil that killed 270 people, the mining industry is still dragging its heels on the step-change measures required to prevent such catastrophic tailings failures in the future.
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RMI Report 2020: Press Release


Largest mining companies in danger of perceived ‘SDG-washing’ over selective reporting. Many of the world’s largest mining companies risk the perception that they are ‘SDG-washing’ through selective reporting, according to the RMI Report 2020, which was released today by the Responsible Mining Foundation (RMF)
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Responsible Mining Index Framework 2020 Published


The Responsible Mining Foundation publishes its new framework ahead of the release of the Responsible Mining Index Report, due in early 2020. The document sets out the core content of the RMI 2020 methodology. It provides a comprehensive reference of the major aspects of responsible mining.
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Research Insight on Women Miners


How have mining companies responded to the challenges of making the traditionally male-dominated industry safer and more suitable for women workers? The new Research Insight by the Responsible Mining Foundation based on the RMI 2018 Report takes a closer look.
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Research Insight on Tailings management


The Responsible Mining Foundation publishes new research insight on tailings management. The article highlights a key finding of the 2018 Responsible Mining Index report: the 30 large-scale companies assessed scored an average of only 22% on tracking, reviewing and acting to improve their tailings risk management.
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