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Limited ESG due diligence among extractive commodity trading companies – new report reveals


A new report, The ESG Due Diligence and Transparency Report on Extractive Commodity Trading, assesses 25 companies that have significant activities in the trade of oil, gas, metals or minerals. The companies score on average only 23% on ESG due diligence systems and 28% on disclosure of public-interest information.
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Time to normalise respect and remedy for Human Rights in mining


Human Rights crosscut a wide range of issues, and mining activities by their nature can impinge on many of them. Ten years after the adoption of the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights (UNGPs), data from the RMI Report 2020 shows that the large mining companies assessed score on average a low 19% on human rights-related issues.
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Tailings risks: maintaining momentum


At the second anniversary of the tailings dam burst in Brumadinho, Brazil that killed 270 people and destroyed the livelihoods and environments for many others, the mining industry seems more willing than ever to take the issue of tailings risks seriously.
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Mining and the SDGs: huge potential, limited action


Just 10 years are left to achieve the UN Sustainable Development Goals – and as one of the few sectors with links to all 17, the mining industry has a significant role to play in contributing to their achievement. But as Mining and the SDGs – a 2020 status update, a new report reveals, the sector as a whole is falling short.
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Human rights defenders: are mining companies playing their part?


The latest RMI Report 2020 reveals that most companies fail to demonstrate even a commitment to respect the internationally accepted rights and protections accorded to human rights defenders
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Gender inequality runs deep in mining


In mining companies and mining-affected communities, women are most often at a disadvantage compared to their male counterparts. Are companies taking adequate action on these issues? Evidence suggests not. The RMI Report 2020 shows huge gaps in how mining companies address gender equality.
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Heritage lost to mining: a collective responsibility


Last month’s destruction by Rio Tinto of a 46,000-year-old site in Australia’s Juukan Gorge is part of a wider problem within the industry. The Foundation’s RMI Report 2020 reveals that many mining companies are still not committing not to mine in World Heritage Sites and to respect other protected areas.
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Limited action on key ESG issues by mining companies in Latin America


Mining companies operating in Latin American and the Caribbean are generally failing to match their corporate ESG commitments with basic responsible actions at their mine sites.
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