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February 22, 2022

Miners cherry-picking on ESG efforts: RMF

The RMF explained that instead of aggregating ESG data from their operations to show only company-wide statistics in their public reporting, companies should provide the mine-site-specific data to meet the needs of stakeholders, including affected communities, workers, investors, and others interested in site-level risks and performances.

Mining Magazine
February 23, 2022

Responsible Mining Index 2022; Ada Peningkatan Transparansi Bidang LST

Ada risiko terhentinya momentum di antara para pemimpin dalam isu-isu LST, bahkan ketika industri mengumumkan ambisius rencana tentang masalah teknis, seperti pengurangan emisi atau peningkatan efisiensi.

February 1, 2022

‘Goldilocks zone’ for metal ore formation identified in major boost to green economy transition

In 2020, the Responsible Mining Index accused the industry of greenwashing, highlighting how much work there is to improve the sector’s environmental record.

Environment Journal
January 20, 2022

Start 2022 by calling on Canada to pass corporate accountability legislation

For an up-to-date report on the impacts of mining, read the following report by the Responsible Mining Foundation, “Harmful Impacts of Mining: When Extraction Harms People, Environments and Economies.”

Nation Talk
January 10, 2022

Mining’s top ten ‘S’ trends in ESG for 2022

Though ESG is frequently recognized as a top industry risk, a recent Responsible Mining Foundation report indicated that this is still a significant area of weakness for most companies. Nonetheless there is growing recognition of social performance as a technical discipline with specific skill sets; overnight ESG experts, public relations/communications practitioners, or co-workers with ‘great people skills’ are no longer a good stand-in for trained and experienced social management practitioners.
January 7, 2022

Too much water or too little – either way, it’s a problem for miners

In its recent report, “Beyond emissions reductions,” the Responsible Mining Foundation noted that although mining companies are making laudable progress on tracking and reducing their GHG emissions, they have paid little attention to how climate change will exacerbate the impact of mining operations on local communities.

Canadian Mining Journal