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February 28, 2020

New mining disclosure initiative is very welcome

The majority of these sites score zero for nine of these 10 indicators, reflecting a complete lack of disclosure on such basic issues as the date the mine is expected to close, the emergency procedures in case of a disaster such as a tailings dam failure, or the quality of the water and air around the mine site.

Financial Times
May 11, 2019

‘Require, Not Ask’ for Women in Mining

Mining remains male-dominated. In a survey of 30 companies, the Responsible Mining Foundation found “little or no evidence of efforts” to strengthen the gender balance of leadership and governance teams.

May 7, 2019

How to monitor and manage your Tailings Storage Facility

According to a recent report from the Responsible Mining Foundation (RMF), half of the world's biggest mining companies do not keep track of their tailings risk management measures.

Mining Magazine
April 30, 2019

Renewables promising for miners, but edge may go to most responsible operators

Responsible Mining Index concluded a majority of companies made policy commitments on topics such as ethics, human rights, worker safety and the environment, but few can demonstrate they systematically operationalized those commitments into action.

S&P Global
April 28, 2019

Still a way to go to achieve gender balance

The mining companies scored an average of only 4.5% on the question of implementing interventions to bolster the diversity and inclusivity of their boards and senior management.
April 27, 2019

Research Insight - Women Miners

How have mining companies responded to the challenges of making the traditionally male-dominated industry safer and more suitable for women workers? The RMI 2018 Report shows, that while a few companies are strengthening gender equality and gender diversity in their workforces and governance bodies, many companies are not paying adequate attention to even basic issues.

Industry Europe
April 23, 2019

Mujeres ejecutivas de minería, avanza la igualdad de género

Los resultados de RMI 2018 revelan que la mayoría de las 30 empresas evaluadas muestran poca o ninguna evidencia de esfuerzos para fortalecer el equilibrio de género de sus equipos de liderazgo y gobierno.

La Voz de Chile
March 27, 2019

Balance mining’s fiscal and environmental requirements

It is imperative for government to balance mining fiscal requirements for revenue and prioritisation of environmental issues to promote sustainable socioeconomic development, Responsible Mining Foundation (RMF), a Swiss-based independent research organisation, has advocated.

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