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May 26, 2020

Minería y agua, relación primordial de interés general

Las investigaciones muestran que las empresas mineras generalmente divulgan datos de control de la calidad del agua únicamente cuando se lo exigen las regulaciones de los países productores.

La Voz de Chile
April 20, 2020

China’s recent tailings leak the biggest in 20 years

Switzerland-based Responsible Mining Foundation (RMF) published a study in early April this year, showing that investor-led action had resulted in improved transparency regarding the state of such facilities.
April 17, 2020

China to inspect tailings dams after spill at molybdenum mine

Switzerland-based Responsible Mining Foundation (RMF) and some small philanthropic organizations, said that while a global standard on tailings management is a welcome initiative, it could be significantly strengthened to become a real game-changer in terms of tailings safety.
April 15, 2020

HOTTER ON METALS: Miners fail to step up tailings safety

Critically, the RMI Report also found that very few mine sites show evidence of having informed local communities about what to do in the case of a tailings-related incident.

Metal Bulletin
April 11, 2020


在最近发布的“负责任矿业指数2020”(Responsible Mining Index 2020)报告中表示,虽然巴西尾矿坝事故促发了投资者主导的行动,提高了矿业公司尾矿存储设施(TSFs, tailings storage facilities)的透明度,但绝大多数矿业公司尚未能说明他们是如何有效地控制尾矿存储设施风险,以及突发情况下如何采取负责任行动的。严格讲,没有几家公司能够提供证据表明他们已经告知社区紧急状态下应该采取什么行动。

April 9, 2020

New research on tailings shows mining industry response still weak

The recently released RMI Report 2020 reveals that while investor-led action, triggered by the Brumadinho disaster, has resulted in improved transparency on companies’ tailings storage facilities (TSF), the vast majority of companies are still unable to demonstrate that they are reviewing how effectively they are managing TSF-related risks and taking responsive actions where necessary.

Modern Mining
April 8, 2020

Tailings management: What has changed since Brumadinho?

As was the case in the RMI Report 2018, only a handful of the 38 companies assessed in the RMI Report 2020 show evidence of having conducted third-party audits or reviews of the effectiveness of their TSF management, and these reviews are often quite limited in scope.

Mining Review Africa
April 8, 2020

Research raises tailings concerns

The Respnsible Mining Foundation research has found that more than one year after the fatal Brumadinho tailings disaster in Brazil, the mining industry is still dragging its heels on changes.

Mining Monthly